Nestled in the trees and rolling hills of Tahlequah Oklahoma I graduated from Northeastern State University. 


(1984 - 1987)

Home of the Collinsville Cardinals. I grew up on a 3 acre farm in Collinsville. My aunt lived down the street and encouraged me to draw. I guess that's where it all started.


(2008 - 2019) 

Every year there are conferences dealing with my industry. I attended SGIA last time it was in Chicago and last year I went to Print Expo. I try to attend every other year at least one conference to keep a pulse on industry changes.


(1988 - 1991)

Graduated with bachelor's degree in Graphic Art Technologies minor in Fine Art and Industrial Management.



I've attended several certification classes. My latest was how to "How to Manage through Promotions." Most are more art related such as PhotoShop Certifications but I also attend others, such as CPR certification.

Easy to work with!

Logos - PhotoShop - Illustration

One stop for all your artistic needs

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GRAPHIC DESIGNER (1994 - Present)

Started as a darkroom tech, then production artist, then technical artist, then supervisor, then manager, and now Creative Director.

Custom Type & Design

Graphic Designer 1991-1993

My first job out of college and I was the graphic artist for a small design studio. Great first job!

Indian Meridian Vo-Tech

Graphic Arts Teaching Assistant

Enjoyed teaching students both younger and older than me how to work with the tools of graphic arts technologies.

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